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he sightseeing in Kyoto starts with a rich and really tasty Japanese Breakfast in the morning.

 The morning in Kyoto is very quiet. Only convenience stores are open for breakfast. 

Would you like to spend your precious time with a convenience store with only instant food? 

 There is a way to enjoy Kyoto more!!  

※You can come to the store to take out. (OPEN : Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

※We can deliver to you so that you can enjoy in your hotel or guesthouse. 

 We will ship with purchase over 800 yen. (The delivery fee is ¥200 / 1 day.) 

 Please make a reservation 3 days in advance.

The order is this!!

I can make a reservation from July 10.

We are an organization that do volunteer work in the local area. Sales of this box lunch will be used for volunteer activities. 

You can taste real local Japanese breakfast.

We use local Kyoto vegetables and we offer 3 to 4 kinds of seasonal dishes unique to Kyoto called "Obanzai".

A-Type Breakfast (Boxed breakfast with miso soup):¥800

B-Type Breakfast (Rice ball breakfast with miso soup):¥500

C-Type Breakfast (Boiled rice soaked with soup stock):¥600

ハピネス こども食堂

京都市南区にてこども食堂を運営しています。 孤食を減らし、こどもたちの居場所づくりを目指しています。


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